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p01Judy … likes to Can Can; misguidedly always gives Mr. Punch a second, or third, or fourth chance!

p02Baby …. knows what the stick is for, a chip off the ol’ block indeed!

p03Policeman – a frustrated actor, something of a hopeless case.

p04Ghost – determined not to let Mr Punch have a good night’s sleep.

p05Crocodile …. will he or won’t he…. eat Mr. Punch?

p06Doctor – seems to relish the prospect of performing the kiss of life…

p07aThe Devil – There’s not much that he likes and he MOST CERTAINTLY doesn’t like little girls and boys…

p08aMr. Punch – The King of The Clowns

p09Joey The Clown – Mischievous, Machiavellian, only Fools cannot see it

p10aFiley – Where it all began

Chessington ZooChessington Zoo – Nurture or Nature?

Chessington ZooWill Hayward – Gone but not forgotten

Chessington ZooChessington Zoo 1965 First Colouring Book

Chessington Zoo 1960Punch and Judy Chessington Zoo 1965

Chessington ZooChessington Zoo 1975 Colouring Book

A bountiful booth is beneficialThe Big Booth

The Blue BoothThe Blue Booth

The Small BoothThe Small Booth

Covent Garden – A Trio of Trouble

The Welwyn Festival Family Fun Day 2019

Punch and Judy
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