COVID has certainly made us all appreciate having friends and family around. And what better way than to have friends and family around to your house and garden, to enjoy a summer party.

Yes, summer’s here, you know that coz you’ve got to dust off your umbrella but in-between dodging the showers, parties are happening and Mr. Punch is right there in the middle of them. Residing behind his own curtains, maintaining some sort of social distancing, he is still providing all the fun and frolics you’ve come to expect from the Traditional, Iconic, English puppet show.

The Victorians really appreciated the show, giving Punch house room at their Christmas Festivities but now with the aid of gazebos or even glorious sunshine, you too could invite this unique ‘Gentleman’ and his motley crew of acters into your life. If you ask nicely, he can even bring everyone a little present of a full-colour booklet that tells how it is, that we have grown to appreciate this little piece of English nonsense over the last 360 years.