Your checklist before you book

Indoors / Outdoors – Grass or Concrete – Can theatre tent be pegged down?

Venue Discussed – Pub / Church Hall / Field

Responsible Person with Mobile Number provided to performer.

Time of Arrival and Departure provided?

Car access and parking facilities provided? Sat Nav directions, relayed?

Access to Water Tap, required?

A 30 minute show needs AT LEAST 45 minutes to allow the audience to arrive and prepare.

Sound travels in straight lines – DO NOT point the main PA and MUSIC speakers at the Punch and JUDY Man.

The Punch & Judy Show’s Amplification will make a noise.

For every child there are two adults. Chairs?

Can the theatre tent be located near to a corner or edge, so there is nothing behind it?

Special Invoicing Requirements?

Toilet Facilities

Restrictions at start / end of day

Special needs

Birthday child’s name / age