The Doctor has been a stock character, in the play that is the Punch & Judy Show, from the earliest known script’s publication (1828). His primary function is to help Mr. Punch when he falls from a horse or more latterly, is bitten by a crocodile. As you can tell, it’s very true to life! The Doctor’s diagnosis is followed by the administration of a form of medicine, which we see is merely an opportunity to hit Mr. Punch, with a new stick; providing Punch with a ‘taste of his own medicine’.

As we emerge from the Pandemic, when we consider the caring professions, we have much to be grateful for, and the Punch show needs to reflect this fact. So, the Doctor’s now an apothecary from France. He’s brandishing an oversized hypodermic syringe with which to better administer La Jab, which Punch is, of course, reticent to receive. And once administered, he’s still not allowed to have a hug or kiss!