Size – Does It Matter?

I’m assured it doesn’t but consider this… did you know that a Punchman (here we go again… or woman!) can perform a show kneeling down, sitting down, hands over head, sitting on a golfing stick, hands outstretched, hands in front of the face or hands over head. A show performed kneeling down is small, intimate… Read More »

What Value Punch?

Mr Punch grew up on the streets of London. He was supported by the working man and his off-spring as he roamed about town, walking up to twenty miles a day and performing up to ten shows. It was hard work. Punch is hard work. Today’s skilled exponents of the art are extremely reluctant to… Read More »

‘Traditional’ and ‘Authentic’… what do these mean?

What does ‘authentic’  and for that matter, ‘traditional’ Punch & Judy, mean? If you hark back to the origins of the show and indeed to the first published script (1828) you will see that the show consists of: dog Toby, Punch, Judy and the Baby, an officer, constable and beadle, a doctor, pretty Polly, Hector… Read More »

Shout Out!

This shout out goes to Leo. Thank you Leo, I’m almost speechless with gratitude. I hope you like Prosecco coz there’s a bottle or two headed your way. Without Leo, This website would have vanished into the ether but now….