Scary Clowns

Halloween is almost upon us and we are witnessing a new craze; people dressing up as Scary Clowns and going around terrorising their neighbourhoods. Some children are so traumatised, they refuse to go outside and play and their parents struggle to get them to go to sleep at night. One enterprising part-time police constable, in… Read More »

Mr Punch – Anarchist or Puppet Play?

The headlines scream ‘local council bans Mr Punch’ and the Punch community wring their hands in despair as another potential ‘fair paying booking’ is likely to disappear. Mr Punch was born on the streets. His audience consisted of the downtrodden, much abused, poor street folk. It is no surprise that Charles Booth, in his enquiry… Read More »

Is it right that Judy performs Punch?

If dogs and their owners can be paired up just by their looks (Dogs look like their owners, it’s a scientific fact (BBC Future)) is it appropriate that Judy works Punch? Marriage, for better, for worse, is a contract made in heaven – just as is thunder and lightning (quote attributed to Hollywood luminary Clint… Read More »

Size – Does It Matter?

I’m assured it doesn’t but consider this… did you know that a Punchman (here we go again… or woman!) can perform a show kneeling down, sitting down, hands over head, sitting on a golfing stick, hands outstretched, hands in front of the face or hands over head. A show performed kneeling down is small, intimate… Read More »

What Value Punch?

Mr Punch grew up on the streets of London. He was supported by the working man and his off-spring as he roamed about town, walking up to twenty miles a day and performing up to ten shows. It was hard work. Punch is hard work. Today’s skilled exponents of the art are extremely reluctant to… Read More »