Make your event a treasured memory with Punch & Judy!

Laughter and Delight – ‘That’s The Way To Do It!’

crowdBe sure that anyone who sees their first Punch & Judy show at your event, leaves with happy memories! Whether on the beach, at the country fair, at a themed or Christmas event or at the local school fete, with Professor Imperius’s show you can be sure this will always be the case. Now add your event to that list!

You want to give your guests a memorable day and by careful scheduling of the time of each show, you’ll ensure not only will they have a memorable day but they want to stay right until the end too!

Mr. Punch and his fellow actors, in their compact show. A show that plays large!

  • My traditional English show, with the distinctive immediately recognised puppet booth, is a landmark they will flock to – site me next to your refreshments and watch those sales go up!
  • I can do up to three shows in an afternoon, everyone is guaranteed not to miss any of the fun, with lots of photo opportunities to show what a great time they had at your event.
  • Punch & Judy spans the generations – it’s an experience that grandparents love to share with their grandchildren because they know what’s coming next – a big crocodile! But my modern twists will keep everyone laughing and guessing right until the end, it will be the highlight!
  • You’ll see smiles, hear laughter and cheers, and when the families leave with the free badges I include for every child, you’ll know they’ll be talking about the day you gave them for a long time to come! They won’t stop thanking you.

Prof ImperiusI’m Professor Imperius, and I can bring you the best Punch & Judy show, with my hand carved puppets, choice of three theatres and plots to suit all ages!

Because professional Punch is in demand at the moment, I can no longer keep a list of my available weekends on the website, so please, feel free to call me.

I guarantee to make your event a lifetime memory for all the families attending, so to see if I’m still available on the dates you want, either call me on 07745 119200 or drop me an e-mail:, now!